Born in Texas, lived in California, Thailand, Pennsylvania, and currently Ohio. Traveled throughout the U.S. and to India, Sri Lanka and Mexico (which is only the start of many travels to come). Sister to nine younger siblings. Daughter to two great parents who are creativity enthusiasts. Wife to an amazing artist/author/scientist, fabulous cook, supportive partner and all around best everything (not that I’m bragging). Currently growing a baby due to debut in June 2015. Aside from that: An artist; a lover, practitioner and teacher of yoga; and last but not least a life-well-lived promoter.

 My yoga philosophy and background:

I believe that yoga takes us from the busy places we find ourselves in our daily, weekly, (yes, even yearly) schedules and in our cluttered, stressed minds and brings us to a place of stillness. A place where the breath can calm us and connect our mind and body together. From that place of connection we are able to slowly build strength and flexibility not only in our bodies but also in our minds. The more we practice yoga the more we find a connection of mind – body  – breath – spirit growing stronger, enabling and empowering us to do more than we usually think possible.

My yoga classes and sequences are Hatha based with little bits of Yin, power and even HIIT training thrown in. I want there to be something  for each person based on the type of day and circumstances they might be experiencing. My goal with teaching and sharing yoga is that I will help people to find yoga that suits them, that makes them feel good and helps them to grow.

 Over the last decade since I started practicing yoga my love for it grew until I knew I wanted to share it with others. Teaching seemed like a good next step so I was certified to teach through Marcia Camino in Lakewood, Ohio in 2014. I’ve also read countless books and watched countless videos to hone and develop my personal skill/practice and my teaching style. The learning is never ending and my practice and teaching style are ever evolving.

 My art and creativity philosophy:

Creativity is in all of us. Creativity is all around us, it is the beauty that makes up the lovely moments in our days. I feel that for me art has been a calling that is hard to brush aside, it isn’t always easy or even desirable to me but it has to be done. It calls to me. A response from within me to the Creator. And so I do the work. I try in my way to create my own kind of beauty pulled from what I experience in life. I believe that creativity is my response to a Creator.

I paint mostly in acrylics and watercolors, occasionally dabbling or experimenting with other mediums. I love painting flowers and plants because I love colors and textures and the beauty that the natural world has to offer. I want to catch it with my brush so that people see it and gain a new appreciation of the plants and flowers themselves. I also love patterns and shapes, people’s faces, and funny things. These all slowly trickle into what I paint.

In highschool I took a lot of art classes and in college I minored in painting, since then I’ve taken various classes, read books and mostly just experimented with what I like to do. Like yoga, making art is a discipline. Part of why I started this site is to help keep me disciplined about making art, sketching daily, practicing and developing.

About the Blog:

The blog is for sketching accountability (I use sketches for most of the images) and also a platform for me to share my passions about living a full, intentional, mindful life and what I learn in my own journey to do just that.

We only have one life and it goes too fast. What are we doing with that life? How are we living? We have relationships with people around us, but do we take them for granted? We have jobs, but are they fulfilling. We take care of our bodies, but why? We eat, but do we find that food nourishing to our bodies? Do we know where it comes from? We put products on and around us, but do we know what they do for or against us, or are we just guinea pigs on a huge scale? We try to stay fit, but what does that mean, and why do we do it? We live in homes and have things, but do we enjoy where we live, and what we have, or are we distracted by how messy it is and our to do lists and the next things we want to acquire? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I mean when I say “living mindfully”.

Why do we do what we do? Why do we have what we have? Does it give our life meaning and fullness and joy? Let’s get to that place where what we have and what we do is done intentionally and thoughtfully, making us live richer fuller lives.