Living Room Makeover

living room before

from dining room looking into living room (before)

linseed oiling the floor


I don’t have the best pictures but these give you an idea of the differences. The room wasn’t horrible it was just in need of some TLC. We patched and painted a lot, pulled up carpet, sanded, stained and polyeurathaned the floor. Then we filled it with a variety of items from thifting, flea markets, travels, gifts etc.

Buying Our First House

We were living in our little house, we were working at our jobs, we had been married a mere four months and on a whim I suggested we look at this house that was for sale. I had driven past it for many years and always thought it a nice house. Less than a month later it was ours and the real work began. We hadn’t looked at other houses but this one was meant for us in so many ways and we have worked quite hard to make it our home. There are times we wish for the carefree days of being renters but we also love to see the changes that have come about because of our work and ideas.

First Party in Our First House

Fall in our first little house was so lovely because there were so many plants and trees around the house. The smells and sounds of a cool autumn were splendid. So when you feel happy you gather your friends around and have a dinner party and that is what we did. My dear husband made a tenderloin along with amazing sides all preceded by equally amazing appetizers. It was a perfect breezy evening so we set up everything on the back porch and hung up candles. I got to use a lot of the new dishes that we had been given as wedding gifts!