Short and Sweet Fitness


I have a fairly lazy attitude towards fitness. I do it but I hate the time it takes. After many years of wasted gymn memberships and wasted time working out I’ve settled on this fact – quick intense workouts are most effective. I’ve seen my muscles tone up more than ever after reducing my workouts to 20-30 minutes a day. Here are the three fitness routines I use and love and feel have actually made a difference in my body:

1) I love these workouts by Ali Kamenova (that’s her in the picture) and try to do at least a 30 minute video every day.

2) If it’s nice out I will go for a quick run or walk. When I get home I usually do a little yoga routine to stretch and incorporate some strength training.

3) These HIIT workouts are great. I have her app and love it. I like to do a 20-30mn yoga routine and then one of these.

That’s it – hope that might help someone out there who has struggled to find something that is actually effective without costing a lot of time or money.


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