My sister’s wedding












Yesterday was the six month anniversary of my sister and her new husband so I figured it was about time I shared their wedding. There were so many beautiful little touches made for the wedding and it turned out absolutely beautiful. My sister looked stunning, if I do say so myself, and her groom was quite dashing. They were and are ever so much in love.

To see the lovely video of their wedding go here:

As with all our family weddings thus far it was a labor of love, what we lack in money we make up for in sweat, stress, and loads of love. For the diy curious here is a list of what we made:

  • With faux flowers we made all the bouquets and boutonnieres, filled wine bottles with them for centerpieces (along with some sparkly twirly stick things we found) and had enough to place other random places.
  • We used skinny dowel rods, ribbon, and little bells for guests to wave when they left the church.
  • We cut out a billion triangles from metallic gold and silver cloth to make bunting for the church pews, the backdrop behind the head table and other various places. The backdrop covered an otherwise ugly wall and was made up of white lights, white curtains and then the bunting criss-crossing the front. It literally made the hall sparkle.
  • We used a big old branch stuck in a bucket of sand wrapped with gold cloth and then hung about with little tags as the guest book.

Those are the major things we made but there was definitely plenty more. All together the decor and flowers etc. were only a few hundred dollars which is way cheaper than it could have been. The flowers and sparkly bits added lots of flare and color to the rustic elements of the hall and the chilliness of early April weather. It was lovely and I am so happy for them and all that is to come.

Here are more details on how to make some of the things if you are interested:

Ribbon and Bell Streamers

To make the streamers that people waved as they left the church you will need:

skinny dowel rods, lots or ribbon in whatever color you want, tiny bells, glue sticks and glue gun.

First; cut all your sticks to the size you want – I think we did about 12 inches. Second; cut all your ribbons to the size you want- i tied a few lengths on the stick to see what length was good for what we wanted, in the end I think it came about half way down the stick after being tied in the center. Third; once all your sticks and ribbon are settled and your glue gun is heating thread about two bells onto as many pieces of ribbon as there are sticks. Ex. if you are have 20 sticks, put bells on 20 ribbons. Fourth; Take a ribbon with the bells (the bells should be pretty much in the center of the ribbon) place the stick right in the middle of the ribbon put some glue on the stick then tie the ribbon securely over the glue. The glue will just help keep the ribbon from slipping off. Now you should have a stick with two ‘streamers’ of ribbon coming off of it that makes a delicate tinkly noise when you wave it. At this point you can add as much more ribbon as you want the same way you did the first (only without bells). We did the bell ribbon plus two more so there was a total of six of those streamers.


To make the bunting that was everywhere but so pretty and sparkly…

Buy a couple yards of metallic fabric and a load of ribbon. Cut a billion triangles to the size you would like. Then take the ribbon in a manageable length and a stack of triangles (we alternated colors) and feed them into a sewing machine. That’s it. so easy!


I love making flower arrangements and fake flowers make it so so easy to do. The hardest part is picking the flowers out. My rule is to not buy any that look very fake or gaudy and then to take a handful of pictures of what we’d like it to look like for reference. For these we bought a few big flowers per bouquet, a few bright medium flowers, a filler flower in two colors and the greenery. All you do is cut them (wire snips are helpful) to the length you want, cut off all the extra leaves that come on them, then arrange them in a full and tasteful way. Once you have what you want use a florist tape to tightly wrap up the stems. After that do a layer or two of wrapping with ribbon. Don


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