A Sofa Story


We sold our giant couch the other day. It is super exciting because we needed to sell it before we moved but it is also a smidge sad because we had so many good memories that included that couch :( I get really sentimental about everything. Thanks for all the good times couch. I hope your new home and family like you as much as we did! I’m edspecially sad to see it go because i made the slip cover for this beast…

Last fall I was going to crochet a couch cover for our ugly, cheap, very worn, albeit comfy sofa. I bought the yarn and I started crocheting. [picture 2] It was going along quite well all winter until May when we spotted this awesome couch [picture 3] in a second hand store. We stared, sat, discussed, calculated, sniffed, examined, sat more, discussed more and one week later it was sitting in our living room. The only problem was that it looked like it belonged in an upscale asian themed hotel from the sixties…which didn’t quite fit with the look we had going in our house.
I went to the store bought thirty yards of fabric and got down to the worst sewing project of my life. Six months later the beast of a slip cover was complete. [picture 1 and 4] The lesson learned was this: never make a slip cover for a huge rounded couch it is not easy or fun especially if you don’t really know how to sew.

We’ve had good times with this couch as seen in these images below:



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