Winter Cures – dry skin brushing

dry brush

So I am a little behind schedule in posting this but seeing as how there is STILL SNOW ON THE GROUND it probably is still appropriate. grrrrrrrr. If anyone is reading this from a sunny and warmer climate count yourself extremely lucky. So on the menu for today is some tidbits on dry skin brushing. It is great for the yucky winter skin we all get but is also just a good habit to get into because it is always good for your skin any time of year. To do it you need one supply…..a brush! These are as varied as there are stores. There are big and small and firmer and softer bristles and synthetic and natural bristles etc. After you read how it’s done find a brush that you like the feel of and then try it on yourself. (I just looked out the window and it is snowing fyi, I feel as though the sun will never shine again) Ok so here is the deal there are all kinds of fancy claims about dry-brushing like it is good for your lymphatic system, it removes toxins, cuts down on cellulite etc. etc. I don’t know what is true or not. All I know is that from my own experience; it feels good, it exfoliates my skin and seems to keep it looking smoother and I would imagine it also is stimulating some blood flow which is probably good for the way the skin looks. Those are enough reasons for me to keep doing it.  The way you do it is super duper simple. Get your brush and your body and stand somewhere easy to clean up the skin you shed (like maybe in your shower) It is probably best to do this before a shower which also makes it an easier habit to get into (if you have a showering habit that is). Work from your feet up your body, legs, arms, torso, back, neck. You can brush in longer strokes or small circular strokes – whatever feels good to you and seems to work good for your skin. Once you are done set your brush aside and shower. Yay! you did it!!!! Isn’t that the easiest thing ever! You don’t need any fancy scrubs or loofahs anymore. I love little rituals like this because they feel so pampering and relaxing and yet they literally only take like three minutes. Hope you find a brush and try it and love it!


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