Thoughts on Downsizing


We are planning to move for a whole bunch or reasons but one of the bigger ones is to carve out a more mobile and care free lifestyle. Right now we are tied down and weighed down by a mortgage, home repairs that we don’t want to do, home projects that we do want to do because we live here but that cost more money than we have to spend, and loads of yard work (which I love doing but it takes up so much time). Our lives have come to revolve around working to pay for our house and working to care for our house. So in our next phase of life a landlord can do the work and we will work less to pay less money for rent. Annnnnd that means more dinners with friends, more trips, more going, giving, living and doing what we actually want to do and what we actually should do. Don’t get me wrong our house is frickin awesome and we love, love, love it and we have maximally enjoyed the years we have been blessed to live here.  And the day we pack that last box and walk out that door for the last time I am going to be quite a bit less than emotionally pulled together :)

What we have now is a large living space – about twenty-eight hundred square feet of living and sleeping and working space. What we will have next is a big enough living space for us and for entertaining friends, a room to sleep in and keep our clothes, a little storage space, and a little space for some flowers and herbs ( about seven hundred square feet or less). That is quite a bit less space but more than enough for our actual needs.

A lot of times we forget to step back, to think about what we really need to live. We also forget to think about how we are living and why. That is what I want to remember. Especially as we are making this transition. What do I actually need for living well? Am I living my life to the best and fullest of my abilities – using the talents, time and resources that I’ve been given?

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