Winter Cures – a hair treatment

hair treat

Well we are in the midst of the winter blues here in the midwest. Dry flaky hair and scalp. Pale pasty skin. Dry scaly skin. Antsy and irritable attitudes. Gah! How much longer until spring? This week and next I’m gonna put a few posts out there about little treatments for winter blues. Todays is for the hair.

Here is a little hair and scalp treatment that I have been doing since beauty school that I find pretty effective and simple.

Here is what you need:

A boar bristle brush or some sort of firm but not too firm bristle brush (if it’s too firm it will hurt you).

Some hair oil. I like this weleda one but you could use straight argan, avocado, almond, coconut or even olive oil. If you have none of those conditioner is alright.

Here is how you do it:

1) Section your hair (btw hair doesn’t have to be clean by any means). I usually start by parting my hair into four sections – two in the front and two in the back and then working through each of those sections in smaller segments.

2) Brush firmly against the scalp and out to the ends of the hair numerous times. The idea is that the brush will exfoliate the scalp a bit and remove all the dry skin built up there. Do this throughout the whole head. It feels really relaxing too :)

3) Massage oil onto scalp. Take a small amount of your hair oil in your palms and massage it thoroughly all over focusing mostly on the scalp. Use more oil as needed until scalp is evenly covered. Use what is left on your hands to apply to the ends.

4) Wait. Let it sit for as long as you have time for, five minutes – one hour.

5) Wash it out (depending on what oil you used it may take a couple shampoos). You probably don’t need conditioner afterwards either especially if you are using a more natural shampoo because they aren’t as stripping of the oils.

6) Comb it out and you are done! Make sure when you are combing out freshly washed hair that you do it section by section STARTING AT THE ENDS with a wide toothed COMB!! People always just charge right in at the roots with a brush and they get lots more breakage and damage that way. Brushes are only for blow dry styling and for brushing dry hair. ALWAYS on wet hair work from the ends up with a comb folks.

You can do this as often in a week as you want. It’s almost like washing your hair backwards (conditioner first shampoo second) which is supposedly good for your hair because it is less stripping of the hairs natural oils. This little treatment should help a lot with winter flakiness and itchiness. Let me know how it works for you.

P.S. This is my favorite natural shampoo, and this is my all time favorite comb (so worth the money)!

The end.

timer image 


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