How to Use and Love Pinterest


Everybody is kind of hooked on Pinterest and I mean everybody! Unfortunately I don’t think most people know how to maximize their feed (that page you see when you log in) so that they can see what they really want to see. Here is a quickie beginners course on how to use Pinterest. ( Just so you know I am no expert this is just what I’ve figured out through my own trial and error.)

Step One is to set up an account. Like all the other social media you make a name, password, can put a picture of yourself etc. Then Pinterest will ask if you want to connect with pals through facebook and/or email etc. So do all that.

Step Two is managing your boards. These are what you ‘pin’ to. When you are on your feed page if you hover on a picture it will say ‘repin’ or ‘like’. If you click ‘repin’ then it will ask what board you want it on. It is nice to keep your boards organized so when you want a recipe or whatever you can find it easily. Btw if you click ‘like’ it will save that image to a smorgasboard of all the pins you have ever liked under the ‘likes’ tab.

Step Three is deciding who to follow, and again who you follow is whose pins show up in your feed (like your friends status’ on facebook and the pics of people you follow on instagram etc). Here are some guidelines for following people that will make Pinterest the best for you:

1) Don’t just follow all your friends that it suggests you follow. Pick the ones who actually pin and the ones whose pins you actually like. Unfollow the rest. No big deal, no one’s feelings get hurt. Some people have Pinterest accounts but don’t really use them. You don’t need to follow them. Following and unfollowing is super easy you click ‘follow’ or ‘unfollow’. Hopefully you got that.

2) if you are keen on any particular blogs see if they have a pinterest, see of they pin a lot and if they are pins that you like.

Guidelines for following someone:

My system when I think about following someone new is to look at all their pins, then all their boards. If I like all of it I will click ‘follow all’ (on the pins page, or boards page) If I only like particular boards I will click ‘follow’ at the bottom or top of that board depending on what way you are looking at it (in the particular boards’ pins page or at the ‘boards’ page). Sounds confusing but it is not. Also another tip is that if you see that a pinnner has only pinned 10 pins then odds are they are not worth following. Most of the good pinners are well into the hundreds and thousands.

3) Any magazines or websites you like might also have pinterest accounts so see who does and if you want to follow.

4)After a while once you see how your feed changes check out who your favorite pinners follow. This is how I started following a lot of people. Odds are if someone has good taste in pins than they have good taste in who they follow. To do that click on the name of a pinner and then at the top right it says something like ‘following’ and ‘followers’. Click on ‘following’ and then peruse all those people using the same guidelines I described before about following someone new.

Have fun seeing all the creative and pretty and inspiring and yummy things out there! Happy Pinning!


One thought on “How to Use and Love Pinterest

  1. 23skidoo says:

    Nice! I have just been thinking this week that I am really bored with everything I’ve been seeing on Pinterest so I’m going to go find some new people to follow now!

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