Sad Sister


My sister is moving away in about a week.

I never would have thought I could be so darn sad about it. I have cried telling clients, I’ve cried telling friends and then I’ve just cried randomly throughout the days (and yes I am crying as I type). I keep reminding myself that she isn’t dying or dead, she is just moving a few hours away, but that isn’t helping much.

I am the oldest in my family and I had to wait through nine years and three brothers before I finally got a sister, this sister.

When I got married we were thinking about moving away but opted to stay here because I wanted to be around all my sisters as they grew up and I’m so glad that I have gotten to do that so far. I got to see her finish high school and all the things that go with it. She got to help me work on my house. She lived with us for 8 months and we got to do all sorts of things together, like yard work and laying on the bed chatting, and eating food Ryan cooked, and running errands, reading together, watching dumb movies together, and all the little daily things. I got to worry about her like only an older sister can, and hope for the best for her. I got to be around when she met ‘the one’. I got to be there the night she got engaged. I got to help with her wedding and moving her to her first apartment. We got to spend time together as married ladies and talk about being wives. We got to go to yoga classes and bike rides together. We got to have countless cups of coffee together, conversations about everything and nothing. We got to go to the same church together. We got to take a class together. We have spent so many special and mundane moments together often on an almost daily basis and that is what I will miss. I will miss her being so close and things being so comfortable, I will just miss her.

They always say you don’t know what you have until it is gone. Well I knew what I had. i had a sister that lived ten minutes away that I could see at a moments notice. I was very grateful for it and I am very sad for it to end.

So here is to the end one chapter and the beginning of the next, road trips and overnights and phone calls.

I love you Mary and am grateful to have you for my sister and friend.

I am so excited for your new adventures and opportunities!

First photo credit goes to erik clausen, others are just old crappy pictures


2 thoughts on “Sad Sister

  1. tara says:

    that is so both sad and happy. i love my sisters. morgan once wrote a poem called ‘the three sisters’ that began like this, “we are the three sisters, not married to misters. our bathroom door is never shut, one has a small mole on her butt…” and thats all i remember. i have it written down somewhere. anyways. cheers to sisters and the fun memories we hold so dear and cheers to the new memories with new adventures.

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