Simplifying Gift Wrapping

I have two drawers and a rubbermaid full of gift wrap stuff; bags, ribbons, boxes, tissue, stuffing, tinsel, toppers etc. Since we have been cleaning out our house in order to down size i was trying to think of a simpler more organized way to store and use my gift giving stock. I don’t like to be wasteful so I’m also trying to think of things that are at least slightly reusable as well. What about cultivating a trademark gift giving style that fits you? I think everyone should have one, it would make the mess of gift giving supplies more minimal and it would eliminate the stress of figuring how to wrap or package things every time you gave a gift. I need to figure mine our but here are some ideas I had.

Ideas for styles:

  • Buy a big roll of brown craft paper and embellish as needed – string, yarn, paint etc. The paper could be used over again or used for drawing paper for kids.
  • Bags all the way. Or how about buying plain white or brown bags and fancy them up with some pom poms or tasells. Bags can be reused for quite a while.
  • If you sew well maybe reusable fabric bags with draw string that you make and then add a cool tag.
  • Or the japanese art of fabric gift wrap, as seen in the video. Super reusable. Fabric could be from thrifted scarves, clearanced fabric pieces, old clothes cut up and hemmed, tablecloths and so on.

I hope you are inspired to find your perfect gift wrap style!


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