Living Room Makeover

living room before

from dining room looking into living room (before)

linseed oiling the floor


I don’t have the best pictures but these give you an idea of the differences. The room wasn’t horrible it was just in need of some TLC. We patched and painted a lot, pulled up carpet, sanded, stained and polyeurathaned the floor. Then we filled it with a variety of items from thifting, flea markets, travels, gifts etc.


2 thoughts on “Living Room Makeover

  1. Amber Casey says:

    I know this seems super creepy but I live in your old home! I’ve ended up here on your blog by, possibly being some sort of social networking creep, but also to tell you how much we adore this home & now that I am seeing these AMAZING before & afters I am even more in love with this place! You guys did a phenomenal job & I cherish this house & I just wanted you to know that! I hope you are as happy as ever in your new ventures! Cheers!!!

    • whiskeydrinkstudio says:

      Aww! It makes me so happy that you love the house as much as we did! It was always my prayer that whoever bought it would see it for the gem that it was and then just enjoy living in it :)

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