How to dress in the winter

Oh the joys of winter in a cold climate. Where I live you can have snow, rain, slush, sleet, hail, a blizzard or a thunderstorm at any given moment of the winter.
I personally find it hard to look cute and be warm at same time. There are just so many challenges when dressing such as; you want to look cute when you take off your warm garments, but you don’t necessarily have the time or option of changing your shoes or fixing your hair. You don’t want to wear good shoes because of the wetness and more importantly because of the salt grrrrrr. If you are running errands or shopping it can get to hot or too heavy to wear everything or lug it around.
You don’t want to look homeless and you don’t want to be cold so…… is what you need:
The most important piece of your winter wardrobe ( and these are incredibly hard to find sometimes) is the perfect boot, they should be moderately high to ward off snow drifts, wide enough for tucking pants in (another winter issue – wet pant legs- yuck) but skinny enough to wear pants over (get the idea – pants tucked in wading through snow, get where you are going and untuck and ta-da! outfit complete without a shoe change), they should be uber durable, warm but not too warm that you sweat in them, easy to wipe off and a color that goes with anything.
The next item is your coat, it could be a poncho, sweater, leather, puffer, wool, long, or short but whatever it is you have to be able to move in it. You don’t want to feel weighed down or trapped in it because it is too hard to drive or carry a purse, or anything for that matter when your coat is too bulky. Again pick something that goes with almost anything that you would wear. I have 3 coats one for everyday in the winter and one for more formal occasions in the winter and a spring trench.
Your next items are your accessories. Hats, gloves, scarves, and winter purse. These are entirely personal but they can be very important. I wear a pashmina as a scarf because it is pretty and really warm plus it’s super versatile once my coat is off if I’m cold i can wrap it shawl like and get cozy.If you like a cropped coat sleeve or poncho get long gloves, if you like a light coat get a bigger chunkier scarf, if you like less coat in general skip it and go with a chunky sweater and scarf and skinnies and your great boots.
Good luck and stay warm this winter.

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