Dressing lady like in the fall


love this.

12b3a984b61c863ffae5eb8c614ae051 tumblr_mcpm0vRQfj1rhce89o1_500

Some things to note when getting dressed this time of year:

-You can make any outfit look ‘fallish’ by adding a blazer

-You can make your skirts/long dresses from the summer go into the fall by adding a fitted sweater or blazer and some boots or other chunky type shoe

– As usual fall means layers. Layer t-shirts and blouses and sweaters and blazers and scarves and jewelry etc.

– Tights + shorts = a lot more outfit options (just don’t go for obviously summery shorts)

Here is what you might need to embellish your autumn wardrobe:  some tights, scarves, a blazer, a good pair of boots…. and maybe a hat. Just mix those items in with what you probably already have and you are all set!

images via: whipped style, hush, gary pepper vintage, wit&delight, here, and pretty stuff


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