Mom’s granola recipe

Granola                                   preheat oven to 325 degrees

12 c. Oats                                mix all dry ingredients

2c. sunflower seeds             add wet ingredients

2c. wheat germ                       mix until all the grains are moistened

1c. sesame seeds                    spread in thin layer on pan

1c. wheat bran                        bake until golden brown stirring occasionally

11/2-2 c. oil

11/2-2c. honey

This is an awesome and very basic granola recipe. It can be altered in any way you want.

For example: I once melted the honey down more so it was super runny which made it easier to mix into the granola.

I always use a little less oil so it’s less fatty, but you could use coconut oil which is much better for you.

Sometimes I have lots of dried fruit and nuts on hand other times I don’t. I double it a lot so it lasts longer. I also freeze the leftover grains so they stay fresh.

Some people prefer maple syrup or brown sugar to honey – feel free to make it your own.

And yes I was too lazy to take a picture of my own granola so I swiped this pic, but it looks basically the same.

By the way – thanks to my mom who gave me this recipe and made this for us a lot during our growing years. It is so much yummier than boxed cereal.


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