Fitness DVDs I Love

Release Workout

I used to go to the gym; do weights, machines, elliptical, bike, etc. I did all that for a long time. The problem(s) were that I did not enjoy it, it was hard to be motivated to go, I was always starving afterwards and I never seemed to look any different. Over the last couple years I have been working out at home so there is no issue about actually looking presentable and driving somewhere, it is harder to make excuses not to do it, and I have found some dvds that I really like. A couple years ago I took a yoga class that has redefined exercise for me. I really love it! It is an amazing workout and the side benefits (not including how good it is for you mentally, emotionally and physically) are awesome.  It makes you feel like you were uber-productive afterwards and then on top of that it makes you feel relaxed and not hungry! In fact you actually want to eat better as a result of practicing because your body feels so clean. It is hard to describe but I know I am not the only person affected in this way. And then to top it off you actually see results!!!! My arms are so much more toned and my stomach which is my problem area is actually getting tighter! Yay!

So here is a list of the dvds that I have narrowed my collection of favorites down to:
1) Elle makebetter series: Yoga (I really like Tara Stiles and want to try some of her other stuff)
2) Living Room Yoga:
Lengthen and Strengthen
Living Room Yoga; Twist and Bend
3) Ruah:
Release (which aren’t technically yoga but they are awesome)

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