A craving for simplicity


I don’t know where this image is from. I stumbled across it while cleaning up my desk top.

The room in the photo is clean, minimal, simple, all the things that have been major themes in my head lately. I have come across so many amazing articles about getting rid of whatever it is that ties us down, ties us up and burns us out. My husband and I have come to be so drained keeping up with the material world we live in. Not that material things are bad it is just that at a certain point all we do is work to pay for the things we have, than we have to work more to maintain the things we have and we have no time left to enjoy things beyond those things we have. Other things like spending time with friends or family, traveling, enjoying hobbies etc.
For us this will be a year of simplifying.
Our diet –  http://zenhabits.net/recipes/
Our stuff –http://zenhabits.net/ebay-guide/
Our minds- http://zenhabits.net/savor/

Yes all the links are to zen habits, what can I say, I have loved everything I have read on that site.


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