A surprise party for my mom’s 50th

Celebrate 50 from Mary Murtha on Vimeo.

My lovely mother turned fifty this year on December 19th. We wanted to do something special for her but with tight budgets all around,  jam packed holiday schedules and little time there weren’t too many options.
What we came up with was a dressed up, decked out, bow wearing, music thumping, just the family (siblings/spouses/fiance/boyfriend/grandma and two grandchildren) surprise extravaganza.
Dad made the food, my sister made center pieces, I made hair bows and bow-ties, we put streamers everywhere, pulled out some pretty fabric for the table, cranked up Christmas tunes, instructed everyone to dress up and told mom that she and dad were invited to dinner at my house – just the four of us (or so she thought).
She was very surprised and it turned out perfectly.
My sister who is an amazing photographer took lots of pictures and video and then for a Christmas gift she made a mini movie to commemorate the event.
Special times.

Here are some details on the family:
My parents like kids. My mom always wanted a dozen, she came in close with ten. Both my parents are from Ohio. They grew up within thirty minutes of each other but met at school in Texas. They married on a snow storming January day while they were on break from school. She was just turned twenty he was a few months away from twenty – four. One year later they had me! As the years went past we moved often, for school, work etc. Every couple years a new sibling would arrive for me to dote on and boss around. James, Joe, Isaac, Mary, Amy, Martie,  Jed, Liam, and then the little tag along – Maggie. Our life was a pretty happy one. My dad knew how to keep a lot of laughter in the home and my mom surrounded us with music, art, creativity, books, good food and fun.
After thirty one years of marriage their family is morphing in new directions. Two children are married, one has passed away, one is engaged, one is dating, one is moved away, two grandchildren are added, one is about to graduate from highschool and another is starting. Life is changing fast and the family is growing fast.
I don’t think they knew this when they started having kids but my parents gave us all our best friends and they created all our favorite childhood memories.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

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