Our Wedding

Our wedding was not the smooth wedding story you see on TV. There was no inflated budget, no planner, our locale fell through four weeks before the wedding and my little brother died three weeks before which obviously halted wedding plans and altered the mood quite  dramatically.
After some deliberation we decided to proceed with wedding plans, mostly because I wanted everything over with. My friend and I found a church and hall by driving around with a phonebook and calling every place that looked appealing. So we sent out a change of place postcard and continued to get ready with about 11/2 weeks left.

I share this because most people think that you can’t have a decent inexpensive wedding and you can’t plan a wedding in less than six months. We had about 250 guests, our total cost was under $5000, and we planned the majority of it in under two weeks.

Rehearsal: Facility, dishes and linens part of the total cost,  Caterer: Local italian restaurant = $150-$200, Wedding Party Gifts: Ties for all the guys, wrap/shawl and necklaces for all the girls, shirts and ties and dress for the little kids = $250

Ceremony: Marriage License and certificate = $60, Programs: printed and folded booklets = $70, Sound System: included with church, Guest Book: given to us, Photographer: groom’s sister and aunt = free, 14 Boutonnieres, 17 Corsages, 11 Bouquets: we bought flowers in bulk, ribbons, pins, tape = $300, Wedding Rings: matching bands from Ireland = $500, Altar arrangements and other decor: the church was pretty just the way it was we didn’t add anything, Music: a friend did a couple songs by guitar and a celloist for the processional etc= $200
Reception: The Caterer and Menu: My dad, lemon chicken scalopini over pasta, salad and bread, costs of groceries and warming trays etc = $500, Flatware, linens, napkins, dishes (all from local restaurant supplier): $400, Centerpieces: vases from the dollar store with either candles or flowers in them=$50, Hors d’hoeurves/snacks: cheeses, breads, fruits, chocolates, Cake and knife: ice cream cake from dairy queen, so yummy! = $250, Punch bowl (we used big jars that we got as wedding gifts from Target) so technically they were free, Favors: chocolate buckeyes wrapped up cute, made and donated by friends, Music/Sound system: best man’s ipod (because I forgot my computer that I spent hours making playlists on) streamed into hall, Serving Staff: friends of my parents who volunteered and did an amazing job!
Stationery: Invitations (three cards, 1 photo, ribbon, envelope), Stamps and 2nd postcard: we bought all the paper at a bulk paper store and made them ourselves = $100
Wedding Clothes: Wedding dress: given to me, alterations = $240, Shoes: Deisel flats =$80, Veil: me and a friend made = $5 for supplies, Hair and makeup: I’m a hairdresser and so were two of my bridesmaids so it was Free!, Bridesmaid’s dresses and shawls: H&M $45 and $12, Grooms suit: on sale at Banana Republic for $250, Groom’s shoes and shirt =$200

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