Our Love Story

This is the story of how we met, people always seem to want to know these types of things and so I will recount in detail the events leading up to it and then some. In order to do so I have to go back to the Spring of 2005. I had just completed my bachelors degree and the week after school finished I got an email from old friends of my parents telling us about a children’s home they were setting up in one of the tsunami damaged areas. I had six months until I had to pay off student loans, no boyfriend, no bills, I had been wanting to do something like this, so three emails, one phone call, a plane ticket, a myriad of goodbyes and two months later I was on my way.
Meanwhile there was a young, adventurous man who was working in different parts of the world doing literacy and translation work. On one life changing trip back home he was at an anniversary party for his brother ‘n’ law’s parents. At this party he was talking to a bunch of kids and young people about their ideas of loyalty in friendships. Two of the girls he was talking to introduced him to their parents. A month later he spent an evening having dinner with this family, which included the parents, the two girls, their six (almost seven) other siblings. At this dinner he heard a considerable amount of information from everyone in the family about the oldest sister who was overseas. He brushed the talk aside as over zealous matchmaking efforts or some such thing.
Not too long after this event in one of my rare and costly phone calls home I got quite an earful about this young Mr. D. that my family had met. I also got emails from my sister telling me that she met someone that I would like. My sister was almost thirteen and so I didn’t take it quite seriously. These things did begin an odd premonition type nagging in the back of my head which I of course attributed to hundreds of mosquito bites, tropical weather, loneliness etc.
Fast forward. I come home, go to the hospital for a few days with a staph infection, then I’m home, it’s christmas time, it’s new year’s eve, my family has a party, they invite Mr.D. , we meet, my sister isn’t satisfied with our interactions so she invites him to her birthday dinner the following day at our grandparents. Oddly enough he grew up across the golf course from my grandparents. He comes, we talk, my father invites him to a conference the following week, he goes as do I, we talk, he emails me, he asks my father if he can ask me out, he asks me out. Of course I say yes as he is the first guy I have ever met that I actually thought respectfully and admirably of.
A week later we have a thirteen hour first date complete with hiking, a meal, lot’s of talking and a movie and then more talking. (Might I add that three days before our first meeting he sat up in bed and the thought that flew through his mind was ‘I’m gonna marry Ms. M.'(that’s me) and then he went back to bed) Fast forward three and a half months (in which span my mom has a baby, her tenth) we go on a mini trip, he made a booklet complete with poems and pictures that correlated with the places we went to and the things we did on our trip.
The last section of the book was for the fern room of a lovely conservatory in which Mr.D. asked me to become his Mrs. and I happily and in a state of shock concurred , doubly so on seeing the gorgeous ring he had had made for me! Six months later we were married. And we are living out our happily ever after as best we can.

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